Graphic Design by Kelsey Krogman
Kelsey Krogman, Emily Boyle, Jenny Daigle


21-30 August 2014


When Prospero has the opportunity to exact revenge on her usurping brother Antonio & King Alonso who aided him, will she take it? Or will she be swayed by the naïve feelings of her teenage daughter Miranda, for the King’s son Ferdinand, and relinquish all her power? Whats a good parent to do? None of these shipwrecked exiles will ever be the same!

Graphic Design by Kelsey Krogman
Kevin Cambridge, Caleb Gordon, Andrew Cooper, Jon Wolfe



28-31 August 2013


      When you have it, it's fragile and overwhelming. When you don’t it's elusive and frustrating.
      When a group of business people retreat to an idyllic sanctuary to relax and unwind, far from the peaceful respite they hope for, they find themselves embroiled in hilarious romantic intrigue which all turns out to be Much Ado About Nothing.

"What a great play!

We LOVED it!!"

~S. Krogman


28 August 2014

"As one of "the few, the happy few" who were privileged to see this amazing... opening show (which itself was almost tempestuous in the category of weather), I just want to throw out congratulations to all... who brought this show to stunning life! "


22 August 2014


"I didn't know Shakespeare could be that funny! What a delightfully entertaining performance."

~S. Krushel


24 August 2013


"Saw Much Ado yesterday and was delighted! So proud of all my friends whose awesome work carried me away and made me laugh, a lot. Thanks to all of you!"

~H. Zacharias


26 August 2013