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Brad Graham is a believer.


His fledgling theatre company Suspension of Disbelief weathered the storm of its inaugural production of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothinglast year and is back this August with the Bard's The Tempest.


An offshoot of Graham's work at Rosebud Theatre, Suspension of Disbelief aims to produce one of Shakespeare's plays each August in the lobby theatre of the Drumheller Badlands Passion Play.

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Drumheller's Canadian Badlands Passion Play site becomes a working theatre again this Thursday, August 21 as the 'Suspension of Disbelief' theatre company brings Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' to the stage.


"We're making a storm and a shipwreck," outlines director, Brad Graham, "and the folks on the boat get stuck on this tropical island with Prospero and her children and lots of craziness goes on after that."

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Brad Graham still has much to do before the curtain rises on his production of Shakespeare’s spirited comedy Much Ado About Nothing.


Much Ado About Nothing will run in a new 250-seat theatre in Drumheller’s Badlands Outdoor Amphitheatre that is the home of the Canadian Badlands Passion Play.


The main amphitheatre seats 2,700 people, which has deterred groups from trying to use it, but this new Forum Amphitheatre should prove ideal for smaller companies to use.


Graham’s Suspension of Disbelief company is the Forum’s first tenant.

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Shakespeare is coming to the Valley.

The Canadian Badlands Passion Play site will open a new Forum Amphitheatre stage and a local theatre company will bring one of the most famous comedies to Drumheller.

Director, Brad Graham, brings the classic Much Ado About Nothing to the new stage.

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When we think of Shakespeare, many of us roll our eyes and say a prayer of thanks that high school is over; but Brad Graham, director of the theatre company Suspension of Disbelief, is giving us a fun opportunity to look at Shakespeare differently.


“We get the idea that Shakespeare is serious business and needs to be told in a serious way,” said Graham. “but I think there’s something in almost every one of his plays that is just hilarious…sit-com worthy stuff. We were looking for something whimsical, magical and fun to give to our audience this summer,” Graham said. 

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With Shakespeare's play, Much Ado About Nothing premiering at the Canadian Badlands Passion Play site tonight, organizers are encouraging everyone to come out and witness the start of something big.

Executive Director of the Passion Play, Vance Neudorf, explains that they hope to grow this 'Shakespeare thing' into a big, annual festival.

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When a new theatre space called the Forum was created on the Passion Play stage, a Rosebud couple just had to take advantage of it.


“(The) new Forum is an outdoor space with fantastic acoustics,” said Brad Graham, Production Stage Manager and Head of Props at Rosebud Theatre. “I really wanted to see something theatrical happen in the space.”


Graham and his wife Glenda Warkentin, who’s acted in ‘She Has a Name’ and other productions, opened their own theatre company, Suspension of Disbelief, and will present their first production, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, at the end of August.

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Vance Neudorf, Executive Director of the Canadian Badlands Passion Play speaks with Global News about the new Forum Amphitheatre and Suspenion of Disbelief's production of Much Ado About Nothing.


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